Seeking God in Personal Devotions In Wilhelmus à Brakel’s The Christian’s Reasonable Service

Oftentimes the believer finds himself far from God, and not basking in His love and communion. Perhaps some sin is plaguing them that has caused a rift in the relationship between a loving and merciful God, and a believer who struggles with sin. This plaguing sin could lead to a period of doubt in the believer’s life, a doubt that could cause the believer to feel distanced and cold in his heart towards His Savior. The greatest struggle then is to pursue relations and communion with God, because of this sin, because of unbelief, because of a lack of love or warmth, because a lack of discipline and prayer, or because the believer does not cast himself upon God’s Word and the promises contained in it. The believer at this time becomes introspective, and fails to look to Christ, but rather dwells in his experience of unbelief and laxness.


The paper is by Maarten Kuivenhoven, a pastor of Heritage Netherlands Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is currently a Th.M. student at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary where he received his M.Div. degree.  He is married to Jennifer and has two children.

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