The subject of this paper is the theology of Wilhelmus à Brakel, a Reformed Dutch pastor and theologian who lived in the 17th and start of the 18th centuries. The thesis of this paper is: Joy in God is central and pervasive to true religion in the theology of Wilhelmus à Brakel. Hence comes the paper’s title, “Satisfied with the Lord’s All-Sufficiency,” a phrase taken from Brakel’s own pen (3.370).1 This paper does not try to establish that joy is the center of Brakel’s theology, but that it is central. Joy stands among his core concerns and permeates his theology.


The article is by Paul Smalley, the Teaching Assistant to Dr. Joel R. Beeke at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He has an M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and served as a pastor for twelve years in the midwestern United States.

Click here to read his entire article.

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