Welcome to Biblical Spirituality Press!

This website, as the title indicates, is especially devoted to the study of biblical spirituality. The ultimate goal of this site is to cultivate holiness in the lives of the believers, especially of pastors. I am convinced that the greatest need of many churches today is the personal holiness of their pastors. As Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813–1843) says, “My people’s greatest need is my personal holiness.”

I welcome comments and suggestions.

A poor-needy sinner saved by God’s grace alone,

Brian G. Najapfour


  1. Hello Pastor Brian,

    I am also a Filipino Pastor here in England. I would love to know your church address in the Philippines so I can visit. I will be going home May next year. I am saving up to buy taking hold of God. I also love the puritans because of their devotion to Christ.

    Christian Saguyan

  2. Brian, its such a wonderful, and grace-filled website you have here. Keep on brother with the good work.

      1. Hello Pastor Brian….Congratulations to you today and we are all very proud of you and glad we could be a part of this service…Our prayers will continue too be with you as you continue to serve our Savior…God bless you and Sarah and we do miss you both but very happy for you…Love, Mrs Linda Highland and Lincoln Square Chapel Friends.

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