An Analysis of the Ancient Church Fathers on Instrumental Music by David VanBrugge

Origen on Prayer by Tye Rambo

Tertullian on Baptism by Tye Rambo


Martin Luther on Prayer and Reformation by Brian G. Najapfour

Calvin on Piety by Joel R. Beeke

John Calvin’s Pastoral Approach to the Practice of Prayer by Peter Aiken


Hermeneutics and Piety in William Perkins by M. Douglas Williams

The Fourfold Context of John Owen’s The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prayer (1682) by Brian G. Najapfour

“A Holy Life”: Bunyan’s Theology of Piety by Brian G. Najapfour

A Summary of John Piper’s “To Live Upon God that Is Invisible: Suffering and Service in the Life of John Bunyan” by Brian G. Najapfour

The Puritan Practice of Meditation by Joel R. Beeke

“After this manner therefore pray ye”: Puritan Perspectives on The Lord’s Prayer by Brian G. Najapfour

A Puritan’s Perspective of Galatians 2:20 by Adam McClendon


The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol. 1 by Wilhelmus à Brakel, trans. Bartel Elshout

The Christian’s  Reasonable Service, vol. 2 by Wilhelmus à Brakel, trans. Bartel Elshout

The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol. 3 by Wilhelmus à Brakel, trans. Bartel Elshout

The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol. 4 by Wilhelmus à Brakel, trans. Bartel Elshout

The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol. 1 (indexed)

The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol. 2 (indexed)

The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol. 3 (indexed)

The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol. 4 (indexed)

Course Syllabus on Wilhelmus à Brakel by Bartel Elshout

“Satisfied with the Lord’s All Sufficiency”: Wilhelmus à Brakel’s Theology of Joy by Paul M. Smalley

Wilhelmus à Brakel and the Importance of Hope by Derek Baars

Seeking God in Personal Devotions in Wilhelmus à Brakel’s The Christian’s Reasonable Service by Maarten Kuivenhoven

Wilhelmus à Brakel: A Biographical Sketch by C. Vogelaar (written in Dutch)

Second Reformation Theology and the Question of Legitimacy: Calvin and À Brakel Compared by Mark du Preez

à Brakel’s Use of Doctrine in Calling Sinners to Repentance and Faith by Jonathan Holdt

à Brakel’s Spirituality of Virtues and its Implications for Soul Care by Lydia Kim-van Daalen

Introduction to Sweet Communion: Trajectories of Spirituality from the Middle Ages Through the Further Reformation by Arie de Reuver, trans. James A. De Jong (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2007), 15-24.

Piety in the Wake of Trade: The North Sea as an Intermediary of Reformed Piety up to 1700 by W.J. op ‘t Hof.

The Covenant of Works and the Stability of Divine Law in Seventeenth-Century Reformed Orthodoxy: A Study in the Theology of Herman Witsius and Wilhelmus à  Brakel by Richard Muller


The Revived Puritan: The Spirituality of George Whitefield (1714-1770) by Michael A. G. Haykin

The Evangelistic Piety of George Whitefield by Matt Haste

The Piety of Robert Murray M’Cheyne: Reflected in His Life and Ministry by Maarten Kuivenhoven

The Piety of A Prince: A Consideration of the Piety of Charles Haddon Spurgeon by Jason Edwin Dees

Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s Appropriations of Bernard of Clairvaux by Jason Edwin Dees

The Believers’ Need for the Church and the Communion of the Saints: A Modern Application of Octavius Winslow’s Work Personal Declension and Revival of Religion in the Soul by Henry Bartsch

A Summary of John Piper’s “Holy Faith, Worthy Gospel, World Vision Andrew Fuller’s Broadsides Against Sandemanianism, Hyper-Calvinism, and Global Unbelief” by Brian G. Najapfour


The Spirituality and Theology of William Law (1686-1761) by Henry Bartsch



“I will sing unto the LORD”: Musical Autobiography by Brian G. Najapfour

Definition of Biblical Spirituality:

What is Biblical Spirituality? by Johan D. Tangelder


Did God Punish the Philippines with Typhoon Yolanda? by Brian G. Najapfour


Facebook’s Status by Zachary Ash

Gospel Tract:

A Promise of Paradise: A Letter that Satan Does Not Want You to Read by Brian G. Najapfour


Cultivating Holiness by Joel R. Beeke

Cultivating Godliness in Seminary by Nathan A. Finn


“And Can It Be”: A Historical and Theological Analysis by Steve Weaver

Songs of Suffering and Sanctification: The Hymnody of Anne Steele  by Jake Porter


Teach Me to Pray by Brian G. Najapfour


Prayer in the Psalms: The Means to Intimate Communion in God’s Presence by Pradeep Tilak


The Lasting Power of Reformed Experiential Preaching by Joel R. Beeke

Grave-side Service for My Dear Mother-in-law (May 13, 2013)

Dedication, Doubt, & Declaration: A Graveside Service for Mrs. Joan Jacoba Elshout by Brian G. Najapfour

Titling Your Sermon for Maximum Impact by Jim Cowman


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    Hey P. Brian,

    Thank you for publishing quality works consistently You, and yours, (and blog) bless me continually. P. Jim

    1. Biblical Spirituality Avatar

      P. Jim,

      You are welcome. Thank you for your encouragement.

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    Brian, You have a new follower. Your father-in-law recommended your blog to me. God bless and keep up the great work.

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