What is Biblical Spirituality?

While secularism is the reigning spirit of our Western society, polls show that there is a
widespread hunger and search for the “sacred.” In 1966, Philip Rieff predicted that the
modern era would witness a wide range of people with ” spiritual ” concerns who would
engage in ” spiritual ” pursuits. He also observed that this spirituality would be a pick and
choose spirituality through broad experimentation of a variety of approaches. Rieff’s
prediction has become true. In their search for spirituality, Canadians are looking
everywhere. As a result, ” spirituality” has become such an ill-defined word that it now
covers all kinds of phenomena, trends, and ideas an earlier generation of Christians would
have dismissed as error or even as ” paganism”. The new ” spirituality ” is intensely
individualistic, built much more upon personal experiences and feelings than on
community, doctrine, and a belief system.


The article is by Johan D. Tangelder (1936-2009). Click here to read his entire article.







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