The Piety of A Prince: A Consideration of the Piety of Charles Haddon Spurgeon


As I have gotten to know Charles Spurgeon over the past several months I have truly come to enjoy and love the man.  The more I learned about his piety, the way he conducted his life and the way he knew Christ, the more I liked and admired him.  He, even nearly one hundred and twenty years after his death, has taken on another student.  I am eager to learn more about this man’s life and ministry and I am honored to write this paper.


The article is by Jason Edwin Dees, pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Georgia. While pastoring, he is pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Biblical Spirituality at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.

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3 responses to “The Piety of A Prince: A Consideration of the Piety of Charles Haddon Spurgeon”

  1. David Spurgeon Avatar
    David Spurgeon

    May I congratulate all concerned with a great DVD. Putting my Great Grandfather’s life into a small film has been done before, but never so well or so sympathetically.

    One word of warning, however, the notion that CHS gave up smoking cigars, was a lie put out by fundamentalist evangelicals in America,

    How do I know?

    I am in possession of his box of cigars with a note by his “armour bearer”, Mr. Harrald, to the effect that the half smoked cigar therein, was removed from the lips of CHS in Mentone a short while before he died!

    Thank you Mr. Telfer for an excellent DVD!

  2. Victor McKinnon Avatar
    Victor McKinnon

    There is a small book out accompanied by a DVD, Drams/Documentary out about his life.

    C.H. Spurgeon: The People’s Preacher (Paperback)
    by Peter A. Morde

    One of the most prolific and heeded voices of his time, 19th-century English Baptist pastor C.H. Spurgeon (played by Christopher Hawes, elder; Stephen Daltry, younger) regularly broke attendance figures with his spellbinding sermons, and his poetry, hymns and commentaries remain in wide circulation today. This engaging documentary traces the swift rise, controversial career, trials and triumphs of the man known as the “prince of preachers.”
    Starring: Christopher Hawes, Stephen Daltry
    Director: Crawford Telfer
    Genre: Faith & Spirituality
    Format: DVD
    Language: English
    Subtitles: English

    1. Biblical Spirituality Avatar

      Victor, thanks so much for this info. Have you watched this movie yourself? If you have, how was it? I watched the trailer on You Tube and it looked good to me.

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