A Book Review of D. A. Carson’s A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and His Prayers

The book opens with this very thought provoking question: “What is the most urgent need in the church of the Western world today?” (11). Carson rightly answers, “a deeper knowledge of God” (15). Then he asserts that “One of the foundational steps in knowing God, and one of the basic demonstrations that we do know God, is prayer” (16). Indeed, if we want to know God better, we must grow more in our communion with Him, for the more we talk to God, the more we get to know Him. It is around this subject of prayer that the book revolves. Carson particularly focuses on the Apostle Paul’s theology of prayer, with the aim that his readers will learn from the life and prayers of this man of God.  As indicated in the title of the book, Carson calls his audience to spiritual reformation (especially in prayer), a reformation that is rooted in the Bible.


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