In June 5, 1768, John Hughes preached a sermon during the funeral service for his brother-in-law, Joseph Hart. In that sermon, which was based on 2 Timothy 4:7, the Baptist Hughes appealed four times to his audience to remember their dear and godly departed friend Hart: “O ye saints of God, he [Hart] has a right to be remembered of you all.” Indeed, Hart, regarded by one of his admirers as “the most spiritual of the English hymn-writers,” deserves to be remembered. Yet, sadly, today his name is almost forgotten. In fact, since 1910, no major biography has been written about him, and, since 1988, no major article on him has been published. His hymns, even among evangelical churches, are rarely sung. This article hopes to contribute to the study of Hart by examining his piety as reflected in his life, ministry, and hymns.


To continue reading the article, see Brian G. Najapfour, “The Piety of Joseph Hart as Reflected in His Life, Ministry, and Hymns,” Puritan Reformed Journal 4, no. 1 (2012): 201-22.

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