What Is Baptism?

In this short (33-minute) message we will study the subject of baptism. Now some of you may have relatives that go to a church that does not agree with us as far as the doctrine of baptism is concerned. And so, as we consider this doctrine, let us be sensitive and respectful to our fellow believers who disagree with us. Let us also learn to disagree with them in the spirit of love and humility. And may our differences not hinder us from fellowshipping with them in the gospel.

That introductory note being said, what is baptism? With God’s help, we will answer this question in this message. The first part of the message will deal with some of the common misconceptions about baptism. This section will show what baptism is not. In the second part we will look at the meaning of baptism, or what baptism is. Let’s consider our first point—what baptism is not.

To listen to the message, click here.






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