Five Lessons from Our Daughter Anna


Our child Anna has already taught me and my wife many lessons. A few of them are:

  1. To marvel more at God’s creative power. Watching Anna grow in the womb, and even now as she develops by leaps and bounds each month, makes us stand in awe of the miracle of life.
  2. To be more dependent on God. Realizing the great responsibility that God has entrusted to us as well as recognizing our weakness has made us more prayerful.
  3. To love each other more.  My wife and I fall more in love with each other as we care for Anna together.
  4. To be less selfish. We’ll never forget holding Anna in our arms the very first time. An overwhelming love swept over us, and this little girl’s needs became the priority over our own, her comfort more important than ours.
  5. To see beauty in and to appreciate the “little” things in life. Anna finds such joy in a simple game of peek-a-boo, or in taking a walk to look at Daddy’s garden. Anna teaches us not to lose amazement of things that we see daily such as trees, birds, clouds, and other things that point us to our wonderful God.

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