A Biblical Look at Mother’s Day

Every second Sunday of May Americans, Filipinos, and countless others around the globe celebrate Mother’s Day. This celebration centers on honoring mothers. Although this tradition originated in ancient pagahappy-mothers-day-2014-ukn festivals, the motive embedded in this tradition is biblical. In fact, God in His fifth commandment demands that we honor our mothers. Unfortunately, many children only remember to honor their mothers on Mother’s Day. They forget that honoring their mothers is their daily duty to God. Of course, our mothers are not perfect: they commit mistakes. Yet, we must still respect them in the Lord. If we ever disagree with them, let us do so using respectful language and gestures. Remember that when we disrespect our parents we sin not only against them but also against God. Children, do you honor your mothers? There are three ways to honor them.

First, prize them. To honor our parents means to place a high value upon them. Our mothers are precious gifts from God; and thus, we must treasure and love them. Do you show to your mom that she is precious to you?

Second, provide for them. In Matthew 15: 4, Jesus understands the fifth commandment as referring to both submission to and provision for our parents. As God enables us, we must help our mothers in their physical, material, or financial needs. Do you care for your mother?

Third, pray for them, especially for their spiritual life. Do not underestimate the power of prayer. If your mother is not yet saved, ask God to give her faith in His Son, for the Bible says, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved” (Acts 16:31). Do you pray for your mom regularly?

On this Mother’s Day, can you honestly say that you cherish, care for, and commune with God for your mother?






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