Child Dedication: Considered Historically, Theologically, And Pastorally

Here’s my new book scheduled to be released on May 22.


“I certainly recommend Najapfour’s booklet to those who may be wrestling with the issue. It is a fair, concise, and biblical treatment.” Child Dedication (book cover)

Dr. Michael Barrett, Academic Dean and Professor of Old Testament, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary


“I commend this book to you.”

Dr. Robert L. Plummer, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


“Dedicating our children to the Lord is a good thing, but care must be taken lest too much emphasis is placed on the action of parents rather than on God’s action towards our children. It is our gracious God who takes believing parents and their children into His covenant and church. This booklet serves as a much needed reminder of this glorious fact.”

Rev. Cornelis (Niel) Pronk, Emeritus Pastor of Free Reformed Church, Brantford, Ontario


“If you are wrestling with whether to dedicate or baptize your child, I commend Brian Najapfour’s little book to you. It will lead you in what Scripture teaches and lead you in raising your children in the fear and instruction of the Lord.”

Rev. Daniel R. Hyde, Pastor, Oceanside United Reformed Church, Oceanside, California


 You can buy the book here.







One response to “Child Dedication: Considered Historically, Theologically, And Pastorally”

  1. theoldadam Avatar

    There’s so much more assurance if you get your children Baptized.

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