Total Depravity: A Hymn

My friend Bob Azkoul and I met today to sing for the first time the hymn that I wrote entitled “Total Depravity.” Bob composed the tune. I thought his tune fits well with the message of the song. We are still in the process of refining the hymn and its tune. So we welcome your suggestions for improvement.

Here are the words of the hymn:

“Total Depravity”

Words by Brian G. Najapfour
Music by Robert G. Azkoul


Stanza 1

By nature I was dead in sin,
A body with no life within.
Too dead to see the gospel light,
For Satan had destroyed my sight.
I had two ears but could not hear
The gospel sound that was so clear.

Stanza 2

Depraved was I from birth, indeed,
For, oh, in sin was I conceived!
To Christ, my heart was not inclined,
For Satan had captured my mind.
With no desire to be fed,
By Jesus Christ, the Living Bread.

Stanza 3

Yet by God’s mercy and His love,
Came new life from His throne above.
He gave my blind eyes sight to see
The gospel light that set me free.
Reborn in Christ, who died for me,
My heart sings praise to His glory!

Stanza 4

And now the God who reigns above,
Made me alive by His great love.
He gave me faith to eat the Bread—
Amazing grace! Forever fed!
Alive in Christ, who pardoned me,
Hallelujah, come sing with me!


Here’s the musical piece (first draft), manually prepared by Bob Azkoul.








One response to “Total Depravity: A Hymn”

  1. Linda George Avatar
    Linda George

    Fantastic! Very “minor”… is it possible to put the last two or one verses into ma major key to pick up our glorious salvation? I’m not the best musician, of course, but yeah. Too bad we only sing psalms at church, but I could see us adding that tune to our repertoire. Legally, of course!!! Oh, and it’s hard to hear you singing over the piano, and a female voice in there so I know I can sing it to!

    God bless your endeavour!

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