A New Hymn on Total Depravity: “Reborn in Christ, Who Pardoned Me”

Text: Brian G. Najapfour
Tune: CEDAR TREE L.M.6L., Robert Azkoul; alt. and harm. Michael R. Kearney

Michael R. Kearney, organist
Recorded at St. John’s Lutheran Church Sayville, Long Island, New York

Stanza 1
By nature I was dead in sin,
A body but no life within,
Too dead to see the gospel light,
For Satan had destroyed my sight.
I had two ears but could not hear
The gospel sound that was so clear.

Stanza 2
Depraved was I from birth, indeed,
And drawn to sin was I conceived!
To Christ, my heart was not inclined,
For Satan had ensnared my mind.
I had no hunger to be fed
By Jesus Christ, the Living Bread.

Stanza 3
Yet by God’s mercy and His love
Came new life from His throne above.
He gave my blind eyes light to see
The gospel truth that set me free.
Alive in Christ, who died for me,
My heart sings praise to His glory!

Stanza 4
And now the God who reigns above,
Made me alive by His great love.
He gave me faith to eat the Bread:
Amazing grace! Forever fed!
Reborn in Christ, who pardoned me;
Oh, hallelujah, join with me!

Note: You can download the musical score here.






One response to “A New Hymn on Total Depravity: “Reborn in Christ, Who Pardoned Me””

  1. Tony Lawn Avatar

    I loved your little hymn so much I made it into a video so our chapel could be helped to sing it.

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