Nehemiah: A Man of Prayer

800-Nehemiah 4 Praying
Nehemiah Praying

Someone has said, “If I wished to humble anyone, I would ask him about his prayer life.” Indeed, it is humbling to be asked, “How is your prayer life?” When you woke up this morning, before you came here, did you pray for God’s blessing upon this worship service? Did you pray for yourself that God would use this service for your soul’s benefit? Do we pray regularly—day and night? Can we honestly sing: “Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer!”? Do we really enjoy praying to God? Do we find it sweet and delightful when we commune with Him? Or, maybe we find it sour and boring.

My objective in this message is to help us become more prayerful by studying the life of Nehemiah—a man of prayer. We will particularly study his prayer found in our passage (vv. 5-11). And as we examine his prayer, I want to highlight the following elements of his prayer:

  1. Adoration of God (v. 5)
  2. Admission of sin (vv. 6-10)
  3. Appeal to God (v. 11)


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